Collection of books/ papers about Knowledge Management (KM) & Knowledge Management System (KMS)


  • Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
  • Case Studies in KM
  • International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management
  • Enteprise Information Portal and KM
  • KM for SMEs
  • Japan moving toward a more advanced knowledge-economy vol. 2
  • Key Issue In The New KM
  • KM in Intelligent Enteprise
  • Knowledge Management And Management Learning - Extending The Horizons Of Knowledge-Based Management
  • Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage
  • Managing Industrial Knowledge
  • Mobilizing Minds
  • Applying KM techniques for building corporate memories
  • The Open Enterprise
  • Real world Time Management
  • Teaching In The Knowledge Society
  • The Gioi Phang
  • The KM Implementation Report
  • Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-Based Organization
  • Giao trinh Quan ly Tri thuc


  • How to build a knowledge-based organization
  • KM approach for structural capital
  • Assessing Knowledge Management System User Acceptance with the Technology Acceptance Model
  • An Enterprise Model Repository: Architecture and System
  • The knowing organization
  • Tri thuc va Quan ly tri thuc
  • Center for Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Doi dieu ve QLTT doi voi DN Viet Nam
  • Combination of 2 KM Strategies By Web 2.0
  • Measuring the ICT maturity of SMEs
  • KM approach for improving labor productivity of Vietnamese enterprise

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