My Photos/ Images

Group photo of class Strategy Management in the Digital Age (MBA Ben Tre - 05/2024)

Group photo of Science-Technology Conference at HCMUT (15/12/2023)

Group photo with class CC19QKD on Graduation Day (11/2023)

Present on "Digital Transformation @ SME" (conference UOB_HCMUT - 06/2023)

Group photo of class "Digital Transformation" (MBA Ben Tre - 07/05/2023)

Group photo of class "Strategy Management in the Digital Age" (23/04/2023)

Seminar on "Application of SAP S/4 Hana & ERPsim in teaching at SIM, HCMUT" (16/03/2023)

Year-end parties with colleagues and students of HCMUT (12/2022)

Meeting Prof. Johan from Tshwane University of Technology (16/12/2022)

Group photo at LRMIS 2022 conference (BUH - 01/12/2022)

Group photo with students of KM class (11/11/2022)

MOU signing ceremony between Bosch VN & SIM, HCMUT (27/10/2022)

Group photo of the Master thesis defense meeting (IMP-22/07/2022)

Group photo of the seminar on Design Thinking (10/07/2022)

Group photo of MBA. defense meeting (22/06/2022)

Group photo of Ph.D. defense meeting of Ms. Chau (12/05/2022)

Last day with MBA students (Ben Tre) of class Digital Business Strategy (09/04/2022)

Group photo of Defense Meeting of PhD. program (26/01/2022)

Group photo of Defense Meeting of MBA program (31/12/2021)

Group photo of class Leadership & Management - International Master Program (12/2021)

Group photo of an online defense meeting of the School of Industrial Management - HCMUT (7/2021)

Group photo of SAP Academic Conference APJC 2021 (7/2021)

Photo of online class BPI - VGU (6/2021)

The 30th anniversary ceremony of the School of Industrial Management - HCMUT (1/2021)

Celebrate the new year party with Dr. Yun at Bornga Restaurant (1/2021)

Group photo at Ba Ria Vung Tau University after a meeting (12/2020)

Photo with my MBA students at a defence meeting (12/2020)

Photo of the LRMIS 2020 Conference at BUH (11/2020)

Group photo with my colleagues at SIM, HCMUT (11/2020)

Group photo with my team at In-Country Workshop - HCMUT (8/2020)

Group photo with class Business Process Integration - VGU (7/2020)

Photo with my daughter on her graduation day from kindergarten school (7/2020)

Photo with my wife on the HCMUT Professorship Ceremony (HCMC, 1/2020)

Group photo with SAP/S4 HANA & SIMERP workshop (HCMC, 12/2019)

Having dinner with Prof. Hara and others at Huong Cau 2 restaurant (HCMC, 11/2019)

Group photo with SAP-HANA class (The MoonLab, 08/2019)

Di choi chua Van Phuoc voi lop "Phuong phap dinh luong" - Cao hoc QLNL (Ben Tre, 06/2019)

Hoi dong bao ve LVTN DH khoa QLCN HK 182 (06/2019)

Group photo at the end of the ASEAN-Korea Financial Development Forum (01/03/2019)

Photo with MBA class in Lam Dong province (02/12/2018)

Meeting with delegation from Kasetsart University (Thailand) at BKU (07/2018)

Meeting with Prof. Kumar from Univ. of Liverpool (UK) at BKU (07/2018)

Defend meeting of SIM students (undergraduate level) at BKU (06/2018)

Meeting with representatives from European universities (Eramus+ project) at BKU (03/2018)

Meeting with Geneva Business School (Switzerland) at BKU (03/2018)

Year end party of SIM at BKU (05/02/2018)

Present at Vinh Long conference on "The e-Gov of VL toward the 4th Industrial Revolution" in Vinh Long provine - 29/12/2017

Group photo of "The 8th Asia Logistics Forum" in Korea Aerospace University (Seoul, Korea) - 1/12/2017

Seminar "Modern learner - Life long learning" (SIM) - 10/11/2017

The 60th Anniversary Ceremony of BKU (VNU-HCM) - 26/10/2017

Photo at BKU Conference 2017 (HCMC) - 19/10/2017

Photo with MBA. class (e-Business course) at Da Lat (Lam Dong) - 1/10/2017

Photo at an MBA. thesis defense meeting (MSM-MBA. program) - 8/2017

Photo of MBA. Examiners' Board at Da Lat (Lam Dong) - 22/02/2017

Defense meeting of MBA program at TDT University - 17/02/2017

Year end Party of SIM at HCMUT - 18/01/2017

Final round of SBS Case Competition at HCMUT - 17/1/2017

IPP workshop at HCMUT - 16/12/2016

Defense meeting of MBA program at HCMUT - 22/11/2016

Photo with MBA class in Da Lat, Lam Dong province - 20/11/2016

Opening Ceremony of EMBA-MCI Program 2016 at HCMUT - 27/10/2016

Photo with delegation of Sogang University (Korea) at HCMUT main campus - 20/10/2016

Photo with students at HCMUT campus in Da Lat City - 24/8-28/8/2016

Meeting with Dr. Kisang Ryu (Sejong University, Korea) at SIM, HCMUT - 23/8/2016

BootCamp on Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Saigon Innovation Hub, HCMUT (organized by IPP) - 26/6-5/8/2016

Meeting with KMITL delegation (Thailand) at SIM, HCMUT - 5/2016

Meeting with Prof. Karagiannis (Vienna University, Austria) at SIM, HCMUT - 2/2016

Meeting with Prof. Johan de Jager (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa) at SIM, HCMUT - 1/2016

Receiving AUN-QA certificate of Industrial Management Program from VNU-HCM - 12/2015

Seminar on "Management of Technology - Toward Future" (Prof. Nishioka, Tokyo University) - 12/2015

Conference on "Developing & Transferring of Intellectual Property" - 11/2015

Photo with Prof. McNeil & some students of UIS program - 11/2015

At 25th Anniversary of the School of Industrial Management (HCMUT) - 11/2015

Photo with Prof. Philip & INFO 101 class (Victoria Program) - 11/2015

Lunch with VIP guests of the 14th HCMUT conference (SIM) - 10/2015

The 14th HCMUT Conference on Science & Technology - School of Industrial Management - 10/2015

Defense Meeting of MBA program (HCMUT) - 7/2015

Graduation Ceremony of EMBA-MCI program (intake 2012) - 24/6/2015

General Session of The 2nd International Conference on Project & Program Management - 19/3/2015

Opening ceremony of AUN-QA quality assessment of Industrial Management Program - 10/2014

Seminar with new students of HCMUT-IUS joint program at OISP - 9/2014

Meeting with Dean of ESB, Reutlingen University (Germany) in HCMUT - 9/6/2014

Seminar "Competing in ASEAN community" 7/3/2014 (Prof. Soriano, Ateneo University de Manila, Philippine)

QA-Director Workshop 10-12/12/2013 (Heeap-VulII Program - 2013)

Hội nghị KHCN DHBK 13 - Khoa QLCN - 1/11/2013 (2013)

Hội nghị KHCN DHBK 13 - Khoa QLCN - 1/11/2013 (2013)

Hội nghị KHCN DHBK 13 - Khoa QLCN - 1/11/2013 (2013)

Đội ngũ Khoa QLCN - 17/9/2013 (2013)

Đội ngũ Bộ môn HTTTQL - 17/9/2013 (2013)

Chụp tại Hội nghị Quốc tế ICCSA 2013 (6/2013)

Chụp với sinh viên lớp Computer for Business - UIS (11/2012)

Chụp với Duy trong lễ tốt nghiệp MSM-MBA (8/2012)

Họp nhóm nghiên cứu JCS ở Đại học Kyoto, Japan (3/2012)

My life in Japan

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